Friday, February 22, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Scratch Off Cards

St. Patrick's Day Scratch Off Cards
    These are super fun for kids to pass out to their classmates at school or would be great for teachers to hand out to their students or have them on the students desk when they arrive on St. Patick's Day.      You child's name (or your name)  will be printed under the scratch off gold circle.    When the child receives the card they will have to scratch off the gold circle with their fingernail or coin to reveal who the card is from.   Envelopes are also included with these so you can also mail them out to family and friends.      You can order at          

Friday, August 17, 2012

Wine and Ring Bridal Shower Theme

You're going to the chapel ...
and you're gonna get ma-a-a-aaa-ried!  
   But first let's have a bridal shower!
 Wine and Ring Designs...available in several colors.... invites, games and more!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fall is in the air!

Fall is in the air!!!   Time to plan those fall parties... the pumpkin patch is a perfect place to have a party.   Lots of fun activites to keep the kids busy and the mess is all outside!   Pumpkin decorating is a fun activity and then let the kids take the pumpkin home as a party favor.   Another fun game is to fill a Mason jar with candy corn and have the kids guess how many pieces of corn are in the jar and the winner wins the jar of candy corn as the prize! 

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Mommyhood Chronicles Review

Check out my product review from the Mommyhood Chronicles website!   Thanks Melissa!  :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Snake Birthday Invitations

Super cute for a little boy (or girl's) birthday party!    Would be perfect for an outdoor party at the park or at your local zoo!     These can be customized with wording to fit what you need.   As with all of my items, I also have the matching thank you cards,  mini candy labels, scratch off game cards, etc. 

Turtle and Frog Baby Shower

Brand new design!  These are available in pinks, blues or neutral tones of yellow and green.   Available in invitations, thank you cards, return address labels, mini candy labels, stickers, scratch off game cards, advice cards, word scramble cards, bingo cards, A to Z baby game cards, forecast cards and more.    

Tuesday, June 14, 2011



Perfect theme for your little boy or girl.   Fun, different and so many party decoration and game options.    Start the party rolling with sending out the police invites, complete with matching return address labels.      I carry several matching games that would be great for a wide age range...scratch off game cards are always fun and simple to play, kids can scratch off the silver circle with a coin or their fingernail to see if they are the winner.    Maze game cards are personalized with your child's name and age.    Another idea is you could have all the kids sit in the floor in a circle and play "duck, duck, goose" but with a twist...have them say  "cop, cop, ROBBER" and then the regular rules apply.  :)    

For decorations, I would suggest using solid color plates, napkins and cups in shades of blue and with a red accent.   (blue cop colors and then the red kind of represents the red siren)    Round stickers are available that have the same policeman and police car  images from the invites and can be used to decorate the cups, stick on kids, or make your own napkin rings.   You can make your own napkin rings by simply cutting a strip of paper and then purchasing the round stickers and use the stickers to adhere the ends of the strip of paper to form a ring.  Super easy and a cute look on the table.   As for the rest of the table, you can purchase at a local shop (usually like a Walmart or Target) toy police cars and have those scattered on the tables along with toy sets of handcuffs.   You can even use those items as party favors to let the kids take home, that way you are serving two purposes with the items, first as decoration and then as the party favors.    Yeay! 

You can also use my mini candy labels that fit the little Hershey Nuggets and scatter those on the tables as well. 

It would also be very easy to add a "JAIL" in the corner of your room.   You could simply hang gray or black streamers from ceiling to floor and print out a sign or handwrite one that says  "The Smith's Jail"  or just  "Jail"  etc...    

A super FUN idea is as guest arrive snap a mugshot of them!   Have a little sign ready that has their "inmate number" on them, have them hold the sign up under their chin and then take their photo against a solid colored wall.   You could even do a "turn to the left" and "turn to the right" photo.   It would really set the tone and get the kids inline with the theme of the party.  :)     The pictures would be so awesome to add to your birthday scrapbook and then you will remember also who was at the party.    Another thought is you could print out the photos and then mail each child their picture when you send out your thank you cards.   ( We do have matching police thank you cards also)  

Many other ideas are out there, most party supply places carry police badges, handcuffs, police hats...maybe just get one police hat for the birthday child so they are special or buy for the whole group and then let them take them home as the party favor.  

Hope these ideas help out!    You are now free to go!  ha..ha.. or feel free to email me directly at